About ChelsieJournal

Hello All!

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it. Writing is my passion and I would just  like to share it with you. Being that this is  my first post it won’t be that long. My goal for this blog is to be able to reach out to young adults like myself, mainly the ladies because as young ladies we tend to go through a lot more than men. Rather it be issues with our appearance, school, relationship, self, or friends , we go through it all. And NO your not “tripping” just to be tripping when you go through your personal issues, we all have them. However, as young ladies we are a little more emotional and senstive to the issues we face and nothing is wrong with that. We just need someone who understands and will help us get through our issues, and that’s not too hard to ask for. So I hope and pray this blog does that for you. I may be young but I’ve been through enough that I can be able to help the next person avoid or get through their issue. Anyways, like I said I hope you enjoy and comment. Thanks!



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10 responses to “About ChelsieJournal

  1. Terlicia Hampton

    Excellent blog & what u stated is very true. We need more Positive young adults like u. I pray u have much more wisdom & success on ur journey in life. Dont loose hope!!

  2. Hurley Richardson

    Nicely said Chelsie. Even with me being an adult sometimes youre still fighting that battle of worrying about your appearance. I love it. Good job!

  3. Hurley Mathis

    Well said Chelsie. Until you accept that God made you in his likeness and not we ourselves, then you can accept yourself. For He is the creator of all life. Good job!

  4. Shan gardner

    Excited about your new blog! Look forward to more. :0)

  5. Georgia Pinkston

    I love this is means so much to PK we dont know what they deal with because someone is always watching keep up the good work looking forward to reading more

  6. Lillie

    Luv it keep u the gud we need more people like u to reach the young ladys

  7. Dec. Pinkston

    Good job…
    Except that u are different, God create all of us in a unigue way. It was his plan ln the beginning.
    To love the Creator( u must love his creation ).

  8. K. Corbett

    I think that is’t great that you’re trying to do something positive for young women

  9. Angel

    I really loved your blog and I jus want to say I love you and keep up the good work it really ment a lot to me thanks

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