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Podcast: The Healthy Successful Relationship

Podcast: The Healthy Successful Relationship

Here’s the link to my podcast, “The Healthy Successful Relationship”. Hope this will help your relationship out. enjoy! 


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Your Appearance Is Not Your Life

For a long time I had a problem with accepting my appearance. I couldn’t shake the fact that I didn’t look good enough forever. See I’m a PK (pastor ‘s kid) and back in the day tradition meant everything to the church. So to make a long story short…I wore skirts all the time. So that alone didn’t help with me trying to accept my self and my appearance. Even when our church began to changed for the better and we started to wear pants, I still couldn’t shake that feeling.I always felt like I needed to look a certain way or do a certain thing to fit in. I was so concern on the wrong things, like my appearance instead of the important things like school and loving myself first. Once I started doing that I began to accept myself for who God made me. And as I did that I was able to open up and let someone else love me for who I really am flaws and all. He loves me for me ,Chelsie OlIvia Gardner for the way God made me to the name my mom gave me he loves it all. And to me that is more important than just your appearance, its not your life. So start living it by accepting that God did not make a mistake when he decide to give you life. Your on this world for a purpose but in order to discover that purpose you must embraced who God made you. Your appearance doesn’t make you,you make your appearance.


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About ChelsieJournal

Hello All!

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it. Writing is my passion and I would just  like to share it with you. Being that this is  my first post it won’t be that long. My goal for this blog is to be able to reach out to young adults like myself, mainly the ladies because as young ladies we tend to go through a lot more than men. Rather it be issues with our appearance, school, relationship, self, or friends , we go through it all. And NO your not “tripping” just to be tripping when you go through your personal issues, we all have them. However, as young ladies we are a little more emotional and senstive to the issues we face and nothing is wrong with that. We just need someone who understands and will help us get through our issues, and that’s not too hard to ask for. So I hope and pray this blog does that for you. I may be young but I’ve been through enough that I can be able to help the next person avoid or get through their issue. Anyways, like I said I hope you enjoy and comment. Thanks!


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